EB-5 Green Card Visa Program

Everything You Need to Know

EB-5 is an immigrant Investor Visa program designed to provide foreign investors a unique opportunity to permanently live and do business in the United States. In exchange for a significant capital investment, $1,000,000 in most cases, and $500,000 in targeted economies, the investor and his/her family are granted a conditional visa that qualifies them for Green Card status at the end of two years. To learn more about how this program works and what steps you should take to get the process started, please explore this site which maintains the most current news and information on the complexities and benefits of EB-5.

EB-5 Visa Program: Regional Center Information

The Immigration and Naturalization Service has designated specific EB-5 visa investment opportunities as Regional Centers. These Centers are eligible to receive funds from EB-5 candidates and will provide help in managing and monitoring their investment.

By contributing to one of these Regional Centers, immigrants will be taking advantage of a more indirect form of job creation, so they may easier satisfy the requirements of the EB-5 Visa.


When investing in a Regional Center, an independent expert must verify the validity of the investment and its potential to create jobs. While Regional Center investments typically require a $1,000,000 investment, this figure can be reduced to $500,000 if the Regional Center is located in an area where the unemployment rate is at least 150% that of the national average.
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