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Step 3 — Commit to a Project

a. Select a Regional Center. If you choose to apply through a Regional Center, make sure to review their project history to ensure that they have a proven track record of closing successful investments as well as obtaining visas for their investors.
To see a list of USCIS approved Regional Centers, their industry types, and locations, please see our “Find a Regional Center” page.

b. Establish a relationship. Get in touch with the Regional Center and begin the process. By filling out our form on the “Locate a Regional Center” page, we can put you in contact with Regional Centers. Once in contact, you will be provided with confidential investment documents. These documents include offering materials and contractual agreements that should be reviewed with your attorney or other adviser.

c. Deposit Investment Funds. Once you fill out all the necessary contracts between you and the Regional Center, you must deposit the sum of at least $500,000 USD. You cannot proceed with the process until you deposit that money. This is to protect the Regional Center and to make sure that you, as the investor, are serious about the process.
Once the funds are deposited with the Regional Center, they are immediately put into an escrow account to be protected until your application is approved. An escrow account is a legal, interest-bearing account established in a bank. This type of account is commonly used in the sales of real estate, businesses and personal property to protect the owner of the funds (in this case, the investor). When an escrow account is established, the funds continue to belong to the investor and there is a legal agreement between the bank, or an attorney, and the investor that requires the funds to be released from the account only when the petition is approved by the USCIS. This step will protect you from fraud and will expedite the approval of your application.

If the process is not completed, or does not succeed, your money will be refunded to you.

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