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Step 7 — Request for Removal of Visa Conditions

In order to remove the conditions of your visa, a petition must be filed three months before the second anniversary of the grant of your CLPR status. The petition (I-829 form) must show full investment in the enterprise, continuous sustainment of the investment since becoming a CLPR, and the creation of ten jobs as a result of your investment. If you invested in a Regional Center you must show that the capital investment was made in accordance with the Regional Center’s business plan in order to be credited with the creation of indirect jobs. Your attorney and Regional Center or General Partner will provide documentation upon request as reasonably necessary and available in support of your application for removal of conditions. Failure to remove the conditions results in the termination of legal status and will block potential Green Card status.

If all EB-5 visa obligations have been met, the conditional status of your visa will be removed.

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